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A collection of inspiring female designers.

How can I empower female designers in a meaningful and interesting way, bringing attention to notable women in the industry?


Females Who Design is a website that visualizes a collection of females designers.

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Role: UX Design, UI Design, Front-end Development, Web Design
Tools Used: Node.js, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML/CSS
Final Prototype: Interactive website


Project Context

How can I effectively and meaningfully visualize a collection of women, bringing attention to all the talented female designers in the industry? This was a question I explored in my MFA Design Methods class. Our task was to take any collection of data and visualize it in an interactive form. After considering all the values and causes I care about, I remembered a Twitter thread that gained traction about raising awareness to all the female designers in the industry. I immediately knew that I wanted to visualize an amazing group of women in my own way for this project.

Data collection

I gathered data from a Twitter list containing over 400 female designers and their Twitter accounts. The data was downloaded in a JSON file, which I parsed using JQuery.


 List of female designers from Twitter.

List of female designers from Twitter.



After brainstorming, I decided that I wanted the visualization to be tangible and malleable, like a scrapbook or notebook where you can reorganize and jot down notes. The digital scrapbook would allow you to sort through and move around notes for slow and deliberate exploration.


 Interactive wireframe of digital scrapbook idea.

Interactive wireframe of digital scrapbook idea.


Sort and move around designer notes with ease, unearthing more as you continue to explore.



I used JQuery and JavaScript to parse the data I pulled from Twitter. In my initial protoypes, I realized the design could be more user-friendly by allowing users to sort through designers by job type, making finding some badass female CEOs or graphic designers easier.

 Filtering functionality.

Filtering functionality.



As a fellow female designer, I always find myself tediously trying to dig online for other inspiring women to follow. I realized that a website would make finding other talented women easier and more fun!

This was my take on visualizing a group of female designers, hoping to empower and bring attention to women in the design industry. My aim is to make a website that is helpful for people looking to discover or learn more about this notable and talented group of people, while simultaneously having fun doing so!